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10 Must have photos for Your South Wales wedding photography album


A wedding album is often not usually considered by many couples getting married. Instead the traditional way of showing photos printed in high quality in a book is more often dropped for the cheaper digital wedding photography package option. With the rise of phones and ipads and the advance of 4K and Oled super sharp televisions over the last decade it's now common place to view images on a screen in the living room. This obviously has its advantages but nothing can beat a hard copy and a printed version of your wedding photos. Wedding albums are now such high quality that they are made now last a lifetime and can look amazing on any living room coffee table in the wide variety of covers available. Here are 10 must have photos for your South Wales wedding that will look amazing in your wedding photography album.


1. The little details


Wedding photography always starts in the morning, and one of the reasons we shoot the shoes, perfume, jewellery and wedding dress is so that we can document them for a physical wedding album. The layout of the album allows us to tell a story with the little details and the bridal and groom preparations on the morning of the wedding day.

brides shoes are the first wedding photo of the day for any South Wales wedding photographer



2.  The first look:

There are two first look moments on a wedding day. The first is the moment when the father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time. This is often also accompanied by the first look with the bridesmaids. The second first look is between the couple themselves which will be during the walk down the aisle. Both are important wedding photos to get for any wedding photographer in South Wales




grooms watch is a great macro photography wedding photo
A groom first look at a wedding in South Wales
Bridesmaids first look at a wedding at Llanerch vineyard South Wales during bridal prep.



3.  The ceremony: Of course!

The ceremony itself should be photographed. This includes shots of the wedding party, the exchange of vows, and the first kiss as a married couple.





A bride embracing the groom at a wedding ceremony in South Wales



4. Family photos:

Family photos are an important part of any wedding album. These should include formal portraits of the bride and groom with their families. That is of course if you do actually want traditional family photos or a more relaxed natural candid wedding!


5. Bridal portraits

The bride on her own, which is usually a great back of the dress shot !







6. The cake cut

Cutting of the wedding cake is a traditional part of all weddings and should always be shot by your wedding photographer. Usually the photographer will pose the couple of this wedding photo. It's usually a photo that goes in most wedding albums when I design them.


7. The wedding reception room

Shooting the room as we like to call it is usually done with a macro lens to capture the little details of the wedding reception room when it is finished being decorated. These photos can include wedding favours, the cake, the tables and any small details that are unique to that wedding.







8. The bride and groom portraits

the obvious most important wedding photos of the day are those of the wedding couple, whether that is bride and groom or groom and groom or bride and bride. These are usually the centre album photos that are taken right in the middle of the day by your South Wales wedding photographer







bride and groom portraits at a wedding at Oldwalls Gower by south wales wedding photographer Karl Baker



9. Confetti throw

Who doesn't love a confetti throw at a wedding in South Wales ! This should make your wedding album choices. Quite often a confetti shot is the chosen photo for the cover of the wedding album.









10. The wedding party

These are the bridesmaids, ushers, flower girls, best man and wedding party photographs. These traditionally were taken to document the clothes that the wedding party are wearing. These shots are always taken by a wedding photographer and usually go into any wedding album design.


For wedding albums I have always used Loxley colour due to their quick turnaround and excellent customer service. I have also used Graphi Studio in Italy plus some American brands. Album designs are usually done after the couple recieve their wedding photos digitally. They then select their favourite photos for the album and I make up the designs based on their selection.