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Dramatic weather for amazing photos on your wedding day in South Wales


As a South Wales photographer, I have seen my fair share of dramatic weather conditions during wedding shoots. While many couples fear bad weather on their big day, I am here to tell you that it can actually create some of the most breathtaking and illuminating photo opportunities!


Imagine the stunning contrast of a dark and moody sky against the vibrant greens of the rolling hills of South Wales, or the romantic misty rain that can add a dreamy and intimate feel to your wedding photos. Trust me, as a professional photographer, I have learned that embracing the weather and working with it can lead to some of the most stunning and unforgettable wedding photographs. Weather conditions may seem like a hindrance, but in reality, just like landscape photography they offer unique opportunities to create stunning, unforgettable wedding photographs.


South Wales is known for its unpredictable weather patterns, with everything from bright sunshine to heavy rain and thunderstorms. As a wedding photographer, I have learned to adapt to these conditions and use them to my advantage. Dramatic weather can add an incredible sense of drama and mood to your wedding photos, creating a truly memorable and striking visual story of your big day.


One of the best things about dramatic weather is that it can completely transform the landscape, giving a different perspective to familiar surroundings. A cloudy sky, for example, can create a moody and atmospheric backdrop for your wedding photos, while a bright and sunny day can illuminate your surroundings and create beautiful lighting effects. Rain is another dramatic weather condition that can be turned to your advantage. While many couples might initially be disappointed by rain on their wedding day, it can actually create some of the most stunning and unique photo opportunities. Reflections in puddles, umbrellas as props, and the romance of sharing an umbrella are just some of the ways that rain can be used to create breathtaking and intimate wedding photos.


Even thunderstorms and lightning can be used creatively in wedding photography. These dramatic weather conditions can create an intense and striking backdrop for your wedding photos, adding an element of excitement and energy to your special day. By using long exposure techniques, it is possible to capture the flashes of lightning in the background of your photos, creating a truly dramatic and awe-inspiring effect.The key to making the most of dramatic weather conditions is to embrace them and be prepared. As a South Wales photographer, I always carry an array of equipment to help me capture the perfect shot, no matter the weather. This includes waterproof camera covers, lens hoods, and filters to control the amount of light entering the lens.


I also work closely with my clients to understand their vision and preferences, ensuring that we are all on the same page when it comes to the type of photos we want to create. This means that we can adapt our plans on the day to take advantage of the weather conditions, whether that means moving locations, changing poses, or altering the lighting. Of course, it is important to remember that safety always comes first. While dramatic weather conditions can create stunning photo opportunities, they can also be dangerous. As a South Wales photographer, I always assess the conditions carefully and prioritise the safety of myself, my clients, and anyone else involved in the wedding shoot.


In conclusion, as a South Wales photographer, I know that dramatic weather conditions can create amazing photo opportunities on your wedding day. By embracing the unpredictable nature of the Welsh weather and being prepared, we can create stunning and unforgettable wedding photos that truly capture the mood and atmosphere of your special day. So if you are looking for a photographer who can adapt to any weather conditions and create photos that stand out, contact me today to discuss your wedding photography needs.


The wedding photo below was taken on Jan 27th at Oxwich bay immediately after a storm creating a dramatic South Wales wedding photo.