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The importance of drones at weddings


I first started using drones at weddings as far back as 2014 ! - These were a little hit and miss as we couldn't see what we were shooting and had to rely on a GoPro on burst mode to try and capture a photo of the bride and groom! The original DJI drones were heavy and also didn't fly that well in the wind!  In recent years however, one trend that has become increasingly popular at weddings is the use of drones for aerial photography and videography. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of drone photography at weddings and why you should consider incorporating it into your special day.


First and foremost, drone photography offers a unique perspective that cannot be achieved through traditional photography. Drones can capture stunning aerial shots of the wedding venue and surrounding landscapes, providing a breathtaking view of the ceremony and reception that would otherwise be impossible to capture. This perspective can create stunning and unforgettable imagery that will last a lifetime. Moreover, drone photography allows for a more comprehensive and dynamic visual story of the wedding day. With traditional photography, the photographer is limited to capturing images from the ground, but with drones, photographers can capture aerial footage of the entire wedding party, venue, and surrounding areas, allowing for a more immersive and engaging experience for viewers.In addition to capturing stunning visuals, drone photography also offers practical benefits. For example, drone photography can be used to scout and survey the wedding venue and surrounding areas prior to the wedding day. This can help identify potential issues or obstacles, such as restricted areas or power lines, which can be addressed in advance to ensure the safety of the wedding party and guests.



Drone photography can also be used to capture large group photos and portraits of the wedding party, which can be challenging to achieve with traditional photography, especially for large groups without the use of the traditional stepladder!. A drone can therefore capture a bird's eye view of the wedding party, allowing for a unique and stunning group photo that would otherwise be impossible to achieve.Another benefit of drone photography is its ability to capture the energy and excitement of the wedding day. Drones can capture sweeping shots of the wedding party as they dance, laugh, and celebrate, providing a dynamic and immersive visual experience that truly captures the essence of the wedding day.


Drone wedding group photo image below from a destination wedding I covered in Ibiza in 2021
















Furthermore, drone photography can also be used to create a wedding video that truly captures the magic of the day. By combining aerial footage with traditional video and audio recordings, drone videography can create a stunning and immersive video that tells the story of the wedding day in a way that traditional videography simply cannot match.Of course, with any technology, there are certain considerations and precautions that need to be taken to ensure a safe and successful drone photography experience. It is important to work with a licensed and experienced drone pilot who understands the regulations and safety procedures for flying drones. Additionally, it is important to communicate with the wedding venue and any nearby neighbours to ensure that drone photography will not interfere with other events or activities in the area. Any good experienced wedding photographer will have the relevant public liability and indemnity insurance as well as be registered and qualified to fly their drone at your wedding.


My current DJI mini mavic drone is so small and light that its very easy to carry around with me on a wedding day! - With live view sight via the DJI app to my phone it becomes extremely easy to take a few unique wedding photos using this which can be great for sharing to instagram and facebook when i have completed my wedding day! Below is a drone image captured at sunset at Hensol Castle for one of my South Wales weddings last summer. In photography terms the sunset can now be seen as a reflection on the lake giving a unique wedding photography image that is different from the landview from the jetty that would traditionally be taken with a wide angle lens. Offering both viewpoints to the bride and groom gives them something unique and  special to share on social media.







Drone wedding photo

Another drone image from a wedding at

Gellifawr woodland retreat in West Wales in 2021