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What is a photography walk ?


A photography walk is a popular outdoor photography activity for photographers where a group of photographers or individuals walk around a particular area or location with the purpose of taking photographs and hanging out and being social. Photography walks are usually led by one experienced photographer who provides guidance on techniques and composition and offers advice on how to make the most of the location and lighting conditions.


Photography walks can be organized by photography clubs such as Swansea camera club or other photography organizations, or individuals, and can focus on various themes, such as street photography, nature photography, architecture photography, black and white photography and more. New amateur photographers can learn new techniques, share ideas and experiences with others, and capture unique images of their surroundings.


Photography walks can be a great way to explore Swansea, connect with other Swansea photographers, and improve your photography skills. It's also an opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors while pursuing a creative passion.


On the doorstep of Swansea is of course the wonderful Gower, which has always been popular for photographers in the area. In recent years I've led a few photography walks not only in Swansea but also Cardiff and other areas of South Wales including walks to the top of Pen Y fan in Brecon. Drone photography is also a great way to socialise and get out and about and explore your surroundings with others if you are a keen amateur photographer in Swansea.


Below two tourism tik tok videos I made for visit Wales whilst out and about on a photography walk in Swansea.



Its also a great way of getting some Landscape photography of Swansea done also which can make some great canvas prints, especially if you are headed out to three cliffs bay or worms head. Sunsets are one of my favourite photography times as well as astro photography. I've lost count of the the number sunsets ive shot in the Gower from Llangennith as well as Rhossilli.

A great tip for photography walks are to stick to one camera lens so that you are not carrying a heavy camera bag around with you for hours on end. My main camera body is a Nikon D850 and I alsways find it uselful to carry just a 35mm lens with me as its such a lightweight all round lens which is ideal for photography walks.