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Posed or unposed wedding photography ?

Wedding photography poses are an essential element of capturing stunning, timeless images of your special day. Whether you're a professional wedding photographer or a bride and groom planning your wedding photoshoot, knowing the best poses to use can make all the difference in the final outcome of your photographs. In this article, I'll explore some of the best wedding photography poses to consider for your wedding photoshoot but before we get into that .. I know what you're going to say! .. that brides no longer want posed photos in 2023 right ? Well technically speaking yes, but what most brides don't appreciate and what every photographer and videographer on the planet will tell you is that some of the best candid "unposed" wedding photos of natural fun and laughter actually come from posed shots! The reason for this is that the wedding photographer will have total control over the composition of the photo to begin with so that the unposed shots actually .. umm .. work!


Composition :


You see, composition is EVERYTHING ! in photography. What's in background of a photo and whether or not the background is in focus will determine how good a couple actually look in the photo!  Let's take a look at a natural unposed wedding photo that was the direct result of a posed wedding photo!




This shot is from an engagement shoot of Rhian and Rhys in Paris taken outside the Louvre. I asked them to pose in that spot and to have a kiss and rest their heads together.


Immediately after I photographed the kiss they started laughing. With my camera on burst mode and shooting 8 photos per second is how we as wedding photographers capture these seemingly unposed " natural " moments. The background is also soft an out of focus with the glass triangle of the louvre also in the background of the image so that the composition just works and dissects the frame.

Rhian and Rhys | Paris

Now lets take a look at traditional wedding poses


1. Classic Poses

Classic poses are a must-have for any South Wales wedding phototographer. These poses have been popular for decades and are still in demand today. Some of the classic poses include:


The Dip: This pose involves the groom dipping the bride back while they share a kiss.


The Prom Pose: The bride and groom stand face to face with their arms around each other, smiling at the camera.


The Arch: The bride and groom stand under a wedding arch, holding hands and looking at each other.


The First Dance: The newlyweds share their first dance together, with the photographer capturing the moment.

2. Candid Poses


Candid poses capture natural, spontaneous moments that happen throughout the wedding day. These poses create a sense of authenticity and emotion that can make your wedding photos stand out. This in 2023 is what nearly every South Wales bride wants. Some of the candid poses to consider include:


The Kiss: Capture the bride and groom's first kiss as a married couple.


The Toast: Photograph the moment when the best man gives a toast to the newlyweds.


The Laughter: Photograph the bride and groom laughing together, capturing the joy and happiness of the day.


The Hug: Capture the bride and groom hugging their loved ones, showing the love and support of their family and friends.

First dance dip | Sahree & Chris

The Silhouette | Megan & Mathew

3. Creative Poses


Creative poses offer a unique and artistic way to capture your wedding day. These poses require some planning and creativity, but the end result can be stunning. Some of the creative poses to consider include:


The Reflection:  Use a mirror or other reflective surface to capture a unique reflection of the bride and groom.



The Silhouette: Use the natural light to create a dramatic silhouette of the bride and groom.


The Unconventional: Get creative with your poses and try something unconventional, such as having the bride and groom lay on the ground or stand on a rooftop.



The Venue: Use the venue as a backdrop and get creative with your poses, such as having the bride and groom pose in a garden or near a waterfall.


The kiss | Hayley & Mathew

Group Poses


Group poses are a great way to capture your entire wedding party in one shot. These poses require some planning and coordination, but the end result can be a stunning group photo. Some of the group poses to consider include:


The V-Shaped Pose: Have the bride and groom stand in the center with the wedding party forming a "V" shape around them.


The Staircase Pose: Have the wedding party line up on a staircase with the bride and groom at the top.


The Pyramid Pose: Have the bride and groom stand in front with the wedding party forming a pyramid behind them.


The Jumping Pose: Have the wedding party jump in the air for a fun and playful group photo. Photo below taken from a wedding in North Wales

Individual Poses


Individual poses are a great way to capture the personality and style of each member of the wedding party. These poses can also be used for the bride and groom's individual portraits. Some of the individual poses to consider include:



The Close-Up: Capture a close-up portrait of the bride and groom, highlighting their unique features and expressions.


The Walk: Photograph the bride and groom walking hand in hand, capturing their connection and love.



The Candid: Photograph the bride and groom in a candid moment, capturing their natural expressions and emotions.