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The best spots for sunrise and sunset photography in Swansea

Running a wedding photography business in Swansea means that I have an abundance of amazing locations in which to shoot. With the beautiful Gower on my doorstep and the sweep of Swansea bay its no surprise then as a wedding photographer in Swansea I often get asked where the best locations are for sunset and sunrise photography! Sunset is extremely popular with couples who want that starburst dreamy warm photo at the end of their wedding day. Whilst sunrise is popular with landscape photographers in Swansea. In this article I'll discuss the best places for sunrise and sunset photography in and around the Swansea bay and Gower area.
















Llangennith beach

Llangennith with its South West facing beach offers all year round sunsets. The sunsets here are legendary! Knowing where the sun will actually set though at each time and day of the year though and what lens to use with your camera takes years of knowledge. Its not as simple as turning up and shooting a sunset ! Knowing the beach itself and composition of worms head means I know exactly where to place my couples or models to get the best starburts or silhouettes!






Rhossili is the little village on the cliff top that over looks Llangennith beach in the distance, it gives a different vantage point for photographing sunset and its great during winter to spring months for sunsets due to the position of the sun in the sky. It offers stunning and picturesque views of the sun setting over the sea, with the island and surrounding cliffs providing a dramatic and romantic backdrop. As the sun slowly sinks below the horizon, the sky transforms into a breathtaking display of colours, ranging from warm oranges and yellows to vibrant pinks and purples. The changing light and colours create a truly magical atmosphere that is perfect for photography or simply enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Worm's Head is a unique place to witness the sunset because it is a tidal island, meaning it is only accessible during low tide. With a camera and tripod its more exclusive and intimate, as only a small number of people can access the island at any given time. The combination of the stunning natural setting and the exclusivity of the experience makes the sunset at Worm's Head a truly special and memorable experience for photographers and is probably number one for not only Swansea but also possibly for the best sunset in Wales.






You'd be surprised to know that there is actually a sunset at Oxwich and this can be captured if you know where to look and where to pose your couples! Even though the sun doesn't set over the sea, on a wedding day at the right time its a great wedding photo! Both wide angle and zoom can offer a starburst sunset photo and landscape photography image of a bride and groom.





Another one of Wales spectacular beaches in Three cliffs bay and is within 20 minutes drive of Swansea. This again is a dramatic place for sunset but is usually too inaccessible for bride and grooms on their wedding day.





Three cliffs bay


 Sunrise in Swansea brings us around to Swansea bay where the sun can rise anywhere depending where on Swansea seafront you stand with the camera! Sunrises are great with Mumbles pier in the background and when its high tide you can also go to Bracelet bay to capture Sunrise next to the lighthouse at certain months of the year.




Broad pool on Cefn Bryn

Broad pool on Cefn Bryn makes for an amazing sunset with those getting married at the King Arthur Hotel. The lake can make for a great sunset photo.








Also from the Top of Kilvey hill and Townhill you get the sweep of Swansea bay for a more wide angle photo. Usually I'd be taking this with a 14mm lens, but a zoom shot from here especially at 600mm can make for a great sunrise photo of Mumbles pier or lighthouse.





1. Plan ahead: Before you head out for sunset photography in Swansea, make sure to check the weather forecast and scouting the location in advance. This will help you to determine the ideal time and place for the shoot, and allow you to prepare for any potential obstacles or challenges. On the Gower the weather can change quickly.


2. Bring the right equipment: A good camera, tripod, and a wide-angle lens are essential for capturing stunning sunset shots. A polarizing filter can also help to reduce glare and enhance the colours of the sky.


3. Use the right camera settings: Adjust your camera settings for sunset photography, such as using a low ISO, a smaller aperture, and a longer shutter speed. These settings will help you to capture the subtle details of the sky and create a dramatic effect.


4. Experiment with composition: Try out different angles, perspectives, and framing to find the perfect composition for your sunset shot.


5. Don't be afraid to get creative and try new things.


6. Use foreground elements: Including foreground elements such as trees, rocks, or buildings can add depth and interest to your sunset photos.


7. Be mindful of the horizon: Pay attention to the placement of the horizon in your shots, as it can impact the balance and overall look of the photo.


8. Wait for the right moment: Be patient and wait for the right moment to capture the perfect sunset shot. This may involve waiting for the sun to set completely or waiting for the clouds to shift and create interesting patterns.


9. Experiment with different lighting: As the sun sets, the lighting can change rapidly, creating different moods and atmospheres. Try capturing the changing light to add variety and interest to your photos.Use post-processing software: After capturing your sunset shots, use post-processing software such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to enhance the colours, contrast, and overall look of the photo.


10. Enjoy the moment: Finally, Swansea and the beaches of Gower are stunning! Don't forget to enjoy the beauty of the sunset and appreciate the experience of capturing it through your camera lens.

Top 10 tips for Sunset photography in Swansea