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The rise of non traditional wedding venues and the impact on wedding photography in Wales


Non-traditional wedding venues are locations that are not typically associated with hosting weddings. These venues can range from outdoor spaces like beaches or mountains, to more urban locations like art galleries, museums, or even warehouses. There has been a rise in the last few years with these wedding venues becoming really popular. As a photographer in Wales it does have its benefits and also disadvantages.




Unique and interesting backdrops:

Non-traditional venues provide photographers in Wales with unique and interesting backdrops for their photos. Photographers can capture stunning images with rustic barn weddings, cityscapes, or natural landscapes in the background.


Creative opportunities:

Non-traditional venues also allow for more creative opportunities. Photographers can experiment with lighting, angles, and poses to capture one-of-a-kind images that stand out from the traditional wedding photos.



Non-traditional venues allow couples to personalize their wedding day to their tastes and preferences. This can lead to more creative and unique photo opportunities that showcase the couple's personalities.




Less traditional restrictions:

With non-traditional venues, there are often fewer restrictions on photography. Photographers may be able to capture more candid moments and have more freedom to move around and take shots from different angles.





Limited space:

Non-traditional venues may have limited space, which can make it difficult for photographers to get the shots they need. This can be especially challenging during group photos or when trying to capture candid moments during a crowded reception.


Lighting challenges:

Non-traditional venues may also present lighting challenges for photographers. A photographer may have to work with limited natural light or bring in additional lighting equipment to ensure proper exposure and white balance.



Some non-traditional venues may be difficult to access, making it challenging for photographers to transport equipment or capture certain shots. This can be especially challenging for outdoor venues with rough terrain or uneven ground.



Non-traditional venues may require more logistics planning, such as securing permits or coordinating with event staff. This can be time-consuming and may require additional expenses for the photographer.Despite these challenges, non-traditional wedding venues can provide an excellent opportunity for photographers to showcase their creativity and capture unique images. It is important for photographers to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each venue and plan accordingly to ensure they can capture the best possible images.In conclusion, the rise of non-traditional wedding venues presents both opportunities and challenges for wedding photographers. While these venues can provide unique backdrops and creative opportunities, they can also present logistical and technical challenges. It is up to the photographer to adapt to each unique venue and deliver beautiful images that capture the essence of the couple's special day. Quite often a non traditional wedding venue will have no wedding co ordinator present on the day to run the day and then this is often left to the wedding photographer.


Below a non traditional wedding in South Wales:


A tipi themed wedding in Newbridge on Usk

A non traditional tipi style wedding in Newbridge on Usk, Wales