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What is a Micro Wedding ?

In recent years, especially since covid where large groups of people couldn't gather due to lockdown; micro weddings have become a popular trend in the wedding industry. A micro wedding is a small-scale wedding typically consisting of usually around 20 to 30 people. They offer a more intimate and personalised experience for couples and their guests, compared to larger weddings. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of micro weddings compared to larger weddings.


During the pandemic brides were almost forced into Micro weddings, which were usually up to 15 people people due to restrictions in Wales by the Welsh government on how many people could mix together. I covered around 8 or 9 micro weddings of this size between 2020 and the end of 2021. This led not only myself but every other wedding photographer in South Wales to re adjust their wedding packages and discount for micro weddings.


Lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of micro weddings.


Advantages of Micro weddings:



1. More Intimate Experience


One of the most significant advantages of a micro wedding is the intimacy it offers. With fewer guests, couples can spend more quality time with each of their guests. They can also personalise the wedding to reflect their unique personalities and preferences.

2. More Affordable


Another advantage of micro weddings is thier affordability. With fewer guests, couples can save money on the venue, catering, decorations, and other wedding expenses. This allows them to invest more in quality over quantity, such as hiring an amazing professional photographer to capture their special day. After all once the day is gone, all you are left with are your memories!


3. More Flexibility


Micro weddings also offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling, location, and other wedding details. Couples can choose a non-traditional venue, such as a backyard, a public park, or a small restaurant. They can also plan the wedding at a time that suits them best, without worrying about accommodating a large number of guests.

4. More Sustainable

Micro weddings are also more sustainable than larger weddings. With fewer guests, there is less waste generated, and fewer resources are consumed. This makes micro weddings a more environmentally friendly option for couples who want to reduce their ecological footprint.



Disadvantages of Micro weddings:


1. Limited Guest List


The most significant disadvantage of a micro wedding is the limited guest list. Couples have to be selective about who they invite, and this can be challenging for those with large families or social circles. They may also have to deal with hurt feelings or resentment from those who were not invited.


2. Less Traditional


Micro weddings are less traditional than larger weddings. They often take place in non-traditional venues, and they may not include all of the traditional elements of a wedding ceremony, such as a bridal party, a large cake, or a formal dinner. This may not appeal to couples who value tradition and formality.


3. Less social


Micro weddings are also less social than larger weddings. With fewer guests, there is less opportunity to meet new people and connect with others. This can be a disadvantage for couples who want to celebrate their wedding with a large group of friends and family.



4. Less Memorable


Finally, micro weddings may be less memorable than larger weddings. With fewer guests and less elaborate details, the wedding may not be as visually stunning or memorable as a larger wedding.


Words of advice for Micro weddings:


To summarise and some words of advice and I might be biased but ....


If you are having a micro wedding try not to cut back on the wedding photography or wedding videography! These are your memories of the day which will last a lifetime.


Its not until later on in life that you get the true value of wedding photographs. Family members are your treasured memories and having the captured in time on your special day really is priceless.






Photo: From a South Wales wedding in Margam Park