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How can I reduce my South Wales wedding photography costs ?


With inflation running high in 2023 and a cost of living crisis in Wales; trying to cut down your costs on your wedding budget is high priority for many couples getting married. Budget weddings as well as those who may want to strip away some of the essentials means that brides often ask the question "How can I reduce my South Wales wedding photography costs? "


Here are some simple steps and tips to try to save you money on your wedding photography.


1. Half day coverage


Half day coverage is a popular option which some wedding photographers now offer. This came about due to micro weddings and limited numbers during the pandemic. Ask your South Wales wedding photographer whether they offer a half day option, this usually means around four hours coverage on your wedding day; yes you'll miss out on all the bridal preparations and also the evening party and first dance but will get the main part of the day covered from ceremony to speeches. Some photographers will also charge by the hour for smaller weddings. The downside to this of course is that you won't have your photographer there all day and if you have bad weather you may miss the opportunity to capture some wonderful wedding photos but the trade off its the reduced costs.


2. Ditch the wedding album


Whilst luxury albums look amazing you can always add one on at a later date when you have the money. Digital wedding photography packages have always been popular for this reason. This is a great way to cut down your costs on your wedding photography.


3. Think about hybrid photography packages


Instead of booking a South Wales wedding photographer and videographer why not save some costs by booking a hybrid wedding photographer instead. A hybrid wedding photographer is a photographer that captures video too! Usually you will get a 5 minute highlight reel or video of your day plus the usual photos. Whilst you may not get a full blown wedding video its a way of capturing bits of both and saving you as much as £1200 on your videography costs.

4. Consider a weekday wedding


If you're flexible with your wedding date, consider having it on a weekday. Many photographers offer discounts for weekday weddings, as they are typically less busy than weekends. Whilst you may not get a discount for a thursday or a Friday as these are still popular wedding days, a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday wedding will save costs all round.

5. Hire a student or amateur photographer


Ok so this is a little extreme, and I wouldn't usually advise this as you run the risk of not getting any photos due to the lack of experience and also for a variety of other reasons!  BUT.. there are brides who do look for student photographers so I feel its only fair to add this into the article. You could try a college or university; maybe someone who has just graduated with a degree in photography ? However from my own experience a degree in photography doesn't mean you will get someone who can create amazing images on your wedding day. Weddings take years to perfect, so the risks need pointing out.

Remember, wedding photography is an investment in capturing memories that will last a lifetime. While it's important to stick to your budget, don't compromise on quality if you can help it.

A wedding photo taken at the beach with groom kissing the bride at sunset