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The benefits of both photo and video at weddings in South Wales


As a South Wales wedding photographer, I've had the pleasure of capturing countless couples' special days in the beautiful cities of Cardiff and Swansea. Over the years, I've experimented with a wide range of mediums, from digital photography to film, and have found that shooting both photos and film on a wedding day can result in truly breathtaking images. I'll share with you the benefits of shooting both photos and film on a wedding day, and how incorporating wedding videography can add even more value to your clients.


One of the primary benefits of shooting both photos and film on a wedding day is the ability to capture the day's events from multiple perspectives. While photos are great for capturing a single moment in time, film allows you to capture the passage of time, adding a level of depth and dimensionality to your work. By shooting both mediums, you can capture the fleeting moments and the bigger picture of the day. Furthermore, shooting both photos and film on a wedding day can also help you offer your clients a wider range of products. Some couples may prefer the immediacy and flexibility of digital photos, while others may appreciate the timeless, nostalgic feel of a highlights film or hybrid video.


By offering both options, you can cater to a wider range of clients and increase your overall revenue for your wedding photography business.


In addition to shooting both mediums, incorporating wedding videography into your services can add even more value for your clients. With a professional wedding videographer on your team, you can capture every moment of the day, from the bride getting ready to the final dance of the night. This allows your clients to relive the day over and over again, adding a level of emotional depth to their wedding memories.


Moreover, Swansea brides and grooms are known for their love of stylish and modern wedding photography. By shooting both photos and film, you can offer couples a range of styles that fit their preferences and personalities. For example, you can capture the sleek lines and dramatic lighting of a contemporary wedding photo, while also capturing the dreamy and nostalgic feel of a film shot.


Shooting both photo and video at weddings though can be a challenging task, even for the most experienced wedding photographer. One of the main difficulties lies in the fact that both mediums require a different skill set and approach. While photography is all about capturing a single moment in time, videography requires the ability to capture the passage of time and movement. Balancing these two mediums and ensuring that each is executed perfectly can be a challenge but if they are both done and edited by the same photographer then the look of both the wedding photos and the film will be the same.


Another challenge when shooting both photos and video at a wedding is the need for different equipment and setups. To capture high-quality photos, you may need to use a range of lenses, lighting equipment, and tripods, while video requires more specialised gear such as stabilisation equipment and microphones. Switching between these setups and ensuring that everything is in place for each shot can be time-consuming and require careful planning.


Shooting both photos and video can also pose logistical challenges. Weddings are often fast-paced, with a lot happening at once. As a photographer, you need to be able to anticipate the key moments and capture them in both mediums. This can be particularly challenging when working alone or with a small team, as it may be difficult to cover all angles and ensure that nothing is missed.


Finally, editing both photos and video after the wedding can also be a time-consuming process. Each medium requires a different editing approach, and ensuring that each is edited to a high standard can be a daunting task. Balancing the need for speed with the desire to create high-quality work can be challenging, particularly if you have a lot of weddings to shoot during the busy wedding season. Cameras such as the Nikon Z9 which can take 8k stills during video recording and also the invention of Ai for editing adobe lightroom catalogues though is making this more possible in 2023 !