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Running a South Wales wedding photography business

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Running a wedding photography business in South Wales can be an incredibly rewarding career choice for any creative person that has an interest in photography in the South Wales area. Being your own boss and being in charge of your own creative pathway as a freelance photographer is an amazing job to have. Wedding photography in particular is super rewarding being there to capture the most important days in a couples' life. But getting there and starting out can seem daunting and finding the right pathway and experience is something that many of us stumble through initally until we hit the ground running. After all being qualified as a photographer and having a degree in photography means nothing in the real world of wedding photography. Wedding photography is so much more than just being able to use a camera and know your settings.

As well as great photos that are in style and follow current wedding photography trends and editing techniques, there is also the small matter of running the business side of things. Everything from accounting to social media and marketing strategy and ideas, managing camera expenses, travel and other overheads.


Wedding photography Advertising


Advertising is crucial to the success of any business and South Wales wedding photography is no different. Even though we are in the privileged position of having a service business; one that everyone getting married must have, it still does not guarantee the enquiries and bookings follow. There are a few important steps to follow, the obvious like any other business is to create a strong online presence with social media channels such as instagram and facebook and a constant supply of fresh content to our newly engaged audience. As well as this a website that showcases our best work and building and networking with other local wedding vendors in the South Wales area. By building relationships with other wedding vendors in the area it can increase exposure through other channels which generate referrals. Finally it's also important to consider paid avertising such as facebook ads and google adwords campaigns especially at peak booking times of the year like during engagement season. These platforms can be extremely effective at targeting the right couples and wedding venues in your area.


Editing techniques


Editing is a crucial part of the wedding photography process. It is equally as important as the taking of the photos. Often called post production this process can take anywhere up to three days to edit a full set of wedding photos ensuring each wedding falls into the consistent style and flow as the previous one that is unique to your brand . Key software for the editing work are packages such as lightroom and photoshop by adobe. How these run and how quickly this software works is down to the speed of your computer. This can be a crucial time saver but it does come at a cost. Macs can be expensive machines and updating and modernising your work flow each year is equally important so that you keep up to date with the lastest and fastest machines. This in turn saves you time allowing you to work faster and more productively. In the last year Artifical intelligence has come into the game with software like culling and editing wedding photography images faster than ever with exposure adjustments, colour correction and use of presets and filters. Ai is now even writing wedding speeches and poems!




Running a successful South Wales wedding photography business means a huge inital investement in camera equipment. To cover a wedding properly a wedding photographer must also have backup cameras, flashguns and multiple lenses incase of the event of equipment failure on the day of the wedding. The type of cameras and lenses you will need will depend on your shooting style and artistic approach. There are a few key items that are essential to any photographer. First is a full frame DSLR or mirrorless camera that has high iso capability. High iso allows the camera to work in low light situations such as churches and dark wedding venues without the use of flash. Fortunately in 2023 cameras are now exceptional at shooting in dark places and photographers today have the luxury of not having to use flash to light a scene.  You'll also need a selection of lenses. This could include a wide-angle lens for capturing group shots, a telephoto lens for portraits, and a macro lens for capturing details like rings and flowers. In addition, you'll need a range of accessories, including memory cards, batteries, and a tripod. When it comes to camera expenses, it's important to invest in high-quality equipment that will last for years. While it may be tempting to cut corners and purchase lower-priced gear, this can ultimately result in lower-quality photos and a negative impact on your business.




In addition to camera expenses and equipment, there are a number of other overhead costs associated with running a wedding photography business. These include things like website hosting, software subscriptions, and office supplies. One of the biggest overhead costs for wedding photographers is studio space. While some photographers may choose to work out of their homes, others prefer to rent a dedicated studio space. This can be a significant expense, but it can also help to create a more professional and polished image for your business. Other overhead costs to consider include insurance, taxes, and marketing expenses. It's important to carefully track all expenses associated with your business and to regularly review your budget to ensure that you are staying on track.


Here is an article I've written on some of the best apps available to help you start your wedding photography business







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Running a South Wales wedding photography business