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A wedding photography poem from South Wales


In the heart of South Wales, where love takes flight,

Where dreams intertwine, bathed in golden light,

A lens captures moments, forever to hold,

The beauty of weddings, stories yet untold.


With camera in hand, an artist takes the stage,

Seeking tales of love, with every frame a page,

Through valleys and hills, where nature's whispers flow,

Wedding photography in South Wales, a vibrant show.


The morning awakens, with anticipation's rise,

The bride in her gown, a vision to mesmerise,

As sunlight dances on her radiant face,

The photographer captures elegance and grace.


In castles and manors, steeped in history's embrace,

Love writes its legend, with every heartfelt embrace,

In ruins and gardens, where romance takes flight,

The photographer unveils passion, pure and bright.


Beside rolling rivers, where vows are spoken true,

A symphony of love, in shades of azure and dew,

The photographer's lens, a witness to the bond,

Forever etched in time, where devotion is fond.

Through bustling streets, where city life ignites,

The urban symphony, where love finds its heights,


The photographer captures the pulse of the day,

In candid moments, where laughter finds its way.

In quaint villages, where charm dances free,

Wedding bells chime, under the shade of ancient trees,

The photographer unveils the joy of the land,

In portraits that reflect the love, hand in hand.


From mountaintop vistas, where heavens meet earth,

To secret coves, where whispers find their worth,

The photographer seeks the essence of the place,

Infusing the landscapes with love's embrace.

In the heart of South Wales, where magic resides,

The photographer's lens, a portal that guides,

Weaving tales of love, with artistry profound,


Creating a masterpiece, where memories are found.

For love knows no boundaries, no limit nor scope,

It binds hearts together, in a tapestry of hope,

And wedding photography, in South Wales' embrace,

Celebrates the union, with elegance and grace.

So, let the shutter click, capturing love's sweet refrain,

In South Wales' embrace, where beauty will remain,

Wedding photography, a testament to the art,

Preserving love's poetry, eternally in the heart.