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The similarities working as an artist in painting and wedding photography


As a wedding photographer and artist from Swansea, I have had the opportunity to explore the world of photography and painting, and have come to realise the many similarities between these two art forms. While photography is often viewed as a more technical medium, with its focus on technology and gear, it also requires a creative eye and an understanding of composition, just like painting and drawing.


One of the main similarities between composition in photography and painting is the importance of balance and harmony. In painting and drawing, artists use techniques like symmetry and the rule of thirds to create a sense of balance and order in their compositions. Similarly, photographers use these same techniques, along with leading lines and framing, to create balance and harmony in their photos. When composing a photo, I often find myself thinking about the balance of elements in the frame and how they work together to create a cohesive whole.Another similarity between photography and painting is the importance of colour and light. Just as a painter uses color and light to create mood and atmosphere in their paintings, photographers use these same elements to convey emotion and tell a story in their photos. As a wedding photographer, I often use natural light to create a soft, romantic look in my photos, or I might play with colour and contrast to create a more dramatic effect.


There are many famous photographers who also happen to be accomplished painters, such as Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Both of these photographers were known for their exceptional composition skills, which they honed through years of painting and drawing. By bringing their knowledge of composition from painting into their photography, they were able to create truly stunning images that have stood the test of time.


One of the benefits of being a creative first and a photographer second is that it allows me to approach photography in a more artistic way. Instead of simply taking pictures, I am able to use my knowledge of colour, light, and composition to create images that are truly unique and expressive. By thinking like a painter, I am able to push the boundaries of what is possible in photography and create images that are both beautiful and meaningful. As someone who specialises in wedding photography, I find that painting seascapes and shooting photos of seascapes and beach weddings share many similarities as do photography of sunsets and sunrises. Both require a keen eye for composition, an understanding of color and light, and a love of the natural beauty that surrounds us. When shooting a beach wedding, for example, I might look for ways to incorporate the natural beauty of the sea and the sand into the photos, using the waves as a background or the sand as a foreground element. By doing so, I am able to create images that capture the beauty and romance of the day, while also highlighting the stunning natural surroundings.In conclusion, the similarities between composition in photography and painting are many, and as a wedding photographer and artist, I have found that my knowledge of both mediums has helped me to create truly stunning images. By understanding the importance of balance, harmony, colour, and light, I am able to create photos that are not only technically sound, but also artistic and expressive. Whether I am painting a seascape or shooting photos of a beach wedding, I approach each project with the same creative mindset, always looking for ways to push the boundaries of what is possible and create something truly unique and beautiful.