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Capturing your Big Day: Why a wedding videographer is a must have in South Wales


As a wedding photographer in South Wales, one of the most common questions I get asked is whether or not they should hire a videographer and do I have any recommendations in the South Wales area or can I do both video and photos? . My answer is always a resounding "Yes!" Here's why....


Firstly, let's discuss video! There are several ways of shooting video on a wedding day, depending on budget and what you want from your videographer.


1. Do you want just a highlights film?

This is just a short 5 minute film. A summary of your wedding day so that it can be shared quickly and easily on social media.


2. Do you want full feature length video ?


This is full speeches and ceremony professionally recorded in 4K as well as the highlights film. These are usually delivered as three separate films.


Photography and videography capture different moments and emotions. While a photograph can freeze a beautiful moment in time, a video can capture the movement, the sounds, and the spoken words that accompany that moment. A photograph can be a beautiful memory, but a video can truly transport you back to the day and let you relive the emotions and the atmosphere of the wedding. Having both a photographer and a videographer means that no moment will be missed, and you will have a beautiful collection of memories to look back on. Secondly, having both a photographer and a videographer means that you will have a team working together to capture your special day.


While the photographer is focusing on capturing the perfect shot, the videographer can capture the candid moments and the in-between moments that might otherwise be missed. This teamwork ensures that every moment is captured and that nothing is overlooked.


Cameras that do both in 2023


Now, let's talk about the Nikon Z range of cameras. As a Nikon user for the last 15 years, I was excited to hear about the new Z9 camera, which can shoot both video and photos. This means that as a wedding photographer, I can also take high-quality video without needing to switch between different cameras. This makes it easier for me to capture those beautiful moments without any interruption. Whats more with the image stabilisation so good there are less and less occasions where I need a tripod


The Nikon Z9 has a high-resolution sensor and can shoot up to 20 frames per second RAW and 120 FPS as jpeg. This means that I can capture both video and photos in quick succession, ensuring that I don't miss any moments. The camera also has impressive autofocus capabilities, which means that I can focus on the couple and their guests without worrying about missing a shot.In addition, the Nikon Z range of cameras has a range of lenses that are perfect for wedding photography and videography. The lenses are sharp, fast, and produce beautiful bokeh. This means that I can capture the couple in sharp focus while the background is beautifully blurred, creating a romantic and dreamy atmosphere in the images.


Having a camera that can shoot both video and photos means that I don't need to carry multiple cameras or constantly switch between them. This makes key moments on a wedding day; such as the confetti shot and bride walking down the aisle easier to manage with just one camera! Even though I still use a tripod mounted second camera filming and also a gopro as backup it allows me that control.


it easier for me to move around and capture all the moments without being weighed down by equipment. It also means that I can work more efficiently as a photographer, delivering high-quality images and videos to my clients. This also means that the front of the ceremony room is not overcrowded with both photographers and videographers for example.


Having both a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer in South Wales is essential for capturing all the moments of your special day. The Nikon Z range of cameras, particularly the Z9, makes it easier to shoot both video and photos on a wedding day by just one person. With its impressive autofocus capabilities and range of lenses, I can capture high-quality images and videos without needing to switch between different cameras.


With the ability to capture 8K video at 30 frames per second (fps), the Nikon Z9 is one of the most advanced video cameras on the market to use as a wedding videographer in South Wales. This level of resolution is four times greater than 4K, which is currently the highest standard for video resolution. With 8K video, users can capture incredibly detailed and sharp footage, with a level of detail that is almost beyond the human eye.


The Nikon Z9's 8K video capabilities are made possible by its advanced image sensor and processing engine. The camera uses a new FX-format stacked CMOS sensor that is capable of capturing 8K video at 30 fps without any cropping. The sensor also features advanced on-chip phase detection autofocus (AF) that ensures fast and accurate focus tracking, even in challenging low lighting conditions such as dark churches where I cannot see the bride coming down the aisle at the back or castle weddings where ceremony rooms are notoriously dark or candle lit on a wedding day!


The Nikon Z9 also features advanced video features such as 10-bit 4:2:2 N-Log and HDR (HLG) recording, which allows users to capture a wider range of colours and tones for greater post-production flexibility. Additionally, the camera supports high frame rate (HFR) recording at 4K and Full HD resolutions, which can be used to create stunning slow-motion footage which is crucial when shooting couples on their wedding day!


Compared to other mirrorless cameras, the Nikon Z9's 8K video capabilities are superior in terms of resolution and features. While other cameras may offer 8K video, they may require cropping or have limited frame rates. Additionally, the Nikon Z9's advanced autofocus system and video features make it a more versatile camera for professional videographers.


Overall, the Nikon Z9's 8K video capabilities make it a highly advanced camera that is set to push the boundaries of video production. With its high-resolution video capabilities, advanced autofocus system, and advanced video features, the Nikon Z9 is set to be a top choice for professional videographers and filmmakers in South Wales.