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How I used underwater photography in a wedding in Cardiff !

Underwater photography has been a popular form of photography for decades. It offers a unique perspective of the marine life and underwater environment. With advances in camera technology, underwater photography has become more accessible to amateur and professional photographers alike. However, taking a camera underwater requires specialised equipment, including an underwater camera housing.


As a Swansea wedding photographer and also a surfer, I own some expensive underwater camera equipment ! An underwater camera housing is a protective case that encloses the camera and provides a waterproof seal. It allows photographers to take their cameras underwater and capture stunning images without damaging their equipment. These housings are available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of cameras and lenses. I have over the years used this to take surfing photos and also seascape water based photos from around Swansea and Gower.


Aquatech underwater camera housing

Underwater wedding photography


Whilst shooting weddings it occured to me to try my housing out at a wedding in Hensol Castle just outside Cardiff


Hensol castle is the perfect wedding venue for this as it has a lake and a jetty. Other venues where this also became popular were Sylen Lakes and Oldwalls Gower.  Hensol castle provided the ideal opportunity to try this out. Once all the formal photos were taken and my main set of wedding photos were done the ideal time to try this was at around 7pm just before first dance.

Aquatech camera housing on a paddle board in Swansea
A surfer at sunset taken with aquatech underwater housing
Underwater wedding photography taken in Hensol castle lake on a wedding day

Then came IBIZA !!


The results at Hensol castle were amazing! This soon led to destination wedding booking and  a flight to Ibiza to try out my new found underwater wedding skills !



Underwater wedding photography can offer several unique benefits that traditional wedding photography cannot. Here are some potential advantages of underwater wedding photography:


Unique and breathtaking images:


Underwater wedding photography can create unique and stunning images that capture the beauty and tranquility of the underwater environment. These images can be particularly striking and memorable, making for a truly special and one-of-a-kind wedding album.


A fun and adventurous experience:


Underwater photography can be an exciting and adventurous experience for the bride and groom, as well as their wedding party. It can add an extra layer of excitement to the wedding day, and create unforgettable memories.


Enhanced creativity:


Underwater photography provides a unique and challenging environment for photographers, allowing them to get creative with lighting, angles, and poses. This can lead to some truly innovative and artistic photos that are sure to impress.


Escape from the crowds:


An underwater wedding shoot can be a great way to escape the crowds and chaos of the wedding day. It provides a peaceful and serene environment, allowing the couple to focus on each other and enjoy some private moments together.


Symbolic value:


Water is often associated with renewal, purification, and transformation. Getting married underwater can hold symbolic value for the couple, representing their commitment to starting a new life together.



Karl x