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Wedding Photography Articles

Below are a list of wedding and photography articles written with over 15 years experience working as a South Wales wedding photographer. These may be of use when planning a wedding in South Wales and are published as informative and helpful wedding and wedding photography guides.

A day in the life of a South Wales wedding photographer

A History of photography in Swansea

Weddings in Wales

Why do I need a South Wales  wedding photographer ?

Why do  wedding photographers cost so much?

South Wales wedding photography tips

Running a South Wales wedding photography business

Top 10 Castle wedding venues in South Wales

A wedding photo from oxwich castle

What is a photography walk?

Finding the perfect South Wales wedding photographer

Working as a wedding photographer in South Wales

What is off camera flash ?

The wedding industry and covid

Why do we throw confetti at weddings ?

How to become a wedding photographer

What software does a wedding photographer use to edit photos ?

Advantages of social media to wedding photographers when marketing

Best Sunrise and sunset photography spots in Swansea

Unconventional Swansea wedding photography

What is a micro wedding ?

Photo booths and magic mirrors

South Wales wedding photography : The evolution of photography in the digital age

Virtual reality Weddings South Wales

The importance of communication in wedding photography

The majestic Landscapes of South Wales; a photographers dream

How many hours wedding photography coverage do I need ?

Five reasons Swansea is the best wedding photography destination

The top 10 places in Wales for an engagement shoot

The benefits of an engagement shoot with your South Wales wedding photographer

10 must have photos for your South Wales wedding album

What are the questions you should ask your South Wales wedding photographer before booking?

5 wedding photography mistakes to avoid for brides

The benefits of shooting photo and video at weddings in South Wales

Hybrid weddings, a mix of photo and video

Working as a wedding photographer at Swansea registry office

The similarities working as an artist in paintings to wedding photography

The rise of non traditional wedding venues and the impact on wedding photography

South Wales wedding photography trends in 2023

Capturing your big day : Why a wedding videographer is a must in South Wales

Which camera is best for wedding photography and videography in 2023

Mounting a gopro on a hot shoe for videography at weddings in South Wales

How I used underwater photography at a wedding !

Posed or unposed wedding photography ?

The importance of wedding photography timelines

Wedding photography in Swansea with minimalistic styles

Capturing details in wedding photography

Using light and shadow as a wedding photographer in Swansea

The history of wedding photography in Wales

The most unusual venues for wedding photography in Wales

Understanding camera lens' and when to use them on a wedding day

Why a second photographer is worth adding on to your wedding day

Dramatic weather for amazing wedding photos on your wedding day in South Wales

South Wales wedding photography how to capture decorations and details

1960's wedding photography trends in Wales

My favourite Cardiff wedding venues

Cardiff wedding photography how to photograph the prefect first look

Documenting your love : Wedding photography in Cardiff

The history of the camera tripod

The history of the camera tripod

The Golden Hour: Why Sunset Makes for Perfect Swansea Wedding Photography

How can I reduce my South Wales wedding photography costs ?

How many photos should a wedding photographer give at a wedding ?

Why bridal portraits are so important on a wedding day

10 Beautiful locations in Cardiff for your pre wedding photoshoot

Wedding photography on film in Wales ; a resurgence !

Augmented reality wedding photography in South Wales

Creating stunning visual narratives, wedding photography in Cardiff

Photography as therapy in Cardiff

The art of candid moments, documenting emotions in Cardiff weddings

Unveiling the advantages of mirrorless cameras for Cardiff weddings

How a South Wales wedding photographer might look in 10 years time